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March 28, 2013 Webinar on Re-Constituted Seed

On March 28, 2013, a webinar was held to discuss how the flax industry is refreshing its seed supply. This webinar was focused on those who act as resource people for producers in Western Canada, such as agrologists, agronomists, specialists, media and…

What flax growers need to know – CTV Farmgate Video (go to minute 4:35)

Why Use Certified Seed? – by Dave Akister, Saskatchewan Seed Growers for SaskFlax Re-constituted Seed Web Article series

Dave Akister, Saskatchewan Seed Growers  for SaskFlax Re-constituted Seed Web Article series

When margins are squeezed and producers are searching for the most economical means of producing a crop, more and more they are asking, “Why should I use certified seed?” The short answer: It is the best insurance a flax producer can put in the ground.

When margins are squeezed and producers…

Canadian Flax Industry Update – Spring 2013

Production estimates are pegged at a million plus acres. Producers have and continue to grow flax for several good reasons:

the net income of flax outperforms that of other crops
flax works well in the rotation
it is easy to grow
it is a lower risk for the farm than other crops

Add to that, new tools in the toolbox are increasing yields and profitability for producers. One tool is…

Flax Council urges revitalization of seed supply – CJWW Radio

[ca_audio url=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/130206_CJWW_LetsTalkAg.mp3″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”]

Flax Council urges revitalization of seed supply CJWW Radio – Feb.6,…

Dave Sefton talks about seed strategies for Canadian flax – CTV Farmgate Video

Flax growers try to flush Triffid from system? – The Western Producer

New program unveiled | Industry optimistic that CDC Triffid can be eliminated from seed inventories by early 2014.

The Canadian flax industry hopes to rid the country’s commercial flax supply of the last troublesome traces of CDC Triffid, a genetically modified variety that disrupted flax exports to Europe in 2009.

The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission and other flax industry…

U of S Purifies Flax Breeding Lines (pdf)

When GM Contamination cost prairie flax growers their key european market, U of S plant breeders undertook an unprecedented effort to purify their breeding lines.

By Glenn Cheater, Photos by Dav…

New seed coming; time to clear out flax seed stocks

Over the past two years, the flax industry has experienced a significant drop in exports and acreage as a result of weather events and the detection in fall 2009 of the presence of CDC Triffid seed, a genetically modified (GM)variety, in shipments to the EU. The EU is a very GM-adverse market and will not allow imports of such products.

The industry, in partnership with AAFC, is working…

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