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June 2013

New Partnerships = New Event: CropConnect Conference 2014!

Winnipeg, Manitoba – June 11, 2013 A partnership of five commodity groups has been formed to host the first ever CropConnect Conference in 2014.

Manitoba Canola Growers Association, Manitoba Corn Growers Association, Manitoba Flax Growers Association, Manitoba Pulse Growers Association, and the National Sunflower Association of Canada make up the host committee for the CropConnect…

2013 summer Canadian Flax Industry Update

The following is a snippet from the 2013 summer Canadian Flax Industry Update PDF:
The Benefits and Dangers of High Flax Prices
Chuck Penner LeftField Commodity Research

Old market maxims stick around for a reason: they’re tried and tested. One of the most reliable is “the best cure for high prices is high prices” and it could certainly apply to the flax market next year. Spot bids…

Flax industry confident seed supplies adequate – The Western Producer

Here is a snippet from The Western Producer:
Concerns are growing about flax seed prices and availability next spring as Canada puts the finishing touches on efforts to rid the country of the genetically modified variety Triffid.

However, Todd Hyra of SeCan said he doesn’t expect problems next year.

“One of my goals is to make sure the market isn’t shorted next spring,” said Hyra,…

SaskFlax: Re-constituted flax seed is ready to launch in fall 2013

Here is a snippet from their website:

After an unprecedented cooperative effort between the Crop Development Centre, the Flax Council of Canada, SaskFlax, Manitoba Flax Growers, Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA) and SeCan, supplies of re-constituted flax seed are ready to launch for the fall of 2013.

CDC Bethune and CDC Sorrel have been the mainstays of western Canadian…

SaskFlax: SaskFlax announces summer crop tour

Here is snippet from their website:

The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission (SaskFlax) is pleased to announce plans for a field day this summer that will feature the latest research on seeding practices, soil nutrition and crop protection. Also featured will be presentations on the newest flax varieties under development, including re-constituted varieties.

Speakers w…

Triffid-free seed supplies solid – The Western Producer

Here is a snippet from the Western Producer Article:
A system-wide plan to flush the last traces of genetically modified Triffid out of Canada’s flax pipeline by 2014 are on track, according to flax industry officials.

However, the success of that plan depends largely on farmer co-operation, they said during an online information session late last month.
Triffid-free seed supplies solid -…

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