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SaskFlax: Re-constituted flax seed is ready to launch in fall 2013

Here is a snippet from their website:

After an unprecedented cooperative effort between the Crop Development Centre, the Flax Council of Canada, SaskFlax, Manitoba Flax Growers, Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA) and SeCan, supplies of re-constituted flax seed are ready to launch for the fall of 2013.

CDC Bethune and CDC Sorrel have been the mainstays of western Canadian flax production for many years. The new certified seed will be marketed under the names CDC Bethune-14 and CDC Sorrel-14. To allow the industry a fresh start, all SeCan members with inventory of previous seed sources have agreed to cease production and dispose of any existing inventory.

In addition to disposing of past inventory of these varieties, SeCan growers, in cooperation with the CSGA, have agreed to additional certification requirements, including extended crop rotations and restricted use of seeding, harvesting and processing equipment.

“The level of cooperation at all levels has been exceptional,” reported Todd Hyra, SeCan Business Manager for western Canada. “Literally every link in the seed production chain believes in the process and is doing their part to move the industry forward.” SeCan has over 100 seed grower members in western Canada with production and seed from the previous stocks. All were contacted and have agreed to dispose of their past inventory.

SaskFlax: Re-constituted flax seed is ready to launch in fall 2013.

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