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SaskFlax: Re-constituted Flax Seed Update – No Name Change

Snippet from SaskFlax:

All appears to be on track for launching re-constituted flax seed this fall. However, there is one change to the industry’s original plan.

Due to policies with Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR does not apply on the same product with two different names), the notation “-14” will not be added to the names of CDC Sorrel and CDC Bethune. Re-constituted seed will continue to be called CDC Bethune and CDC Sorrel.

However, SeCan members will be provided with a certificate that can be given to customers who purchase seed of the four re-constituted varieties – CDC Sorrel, CDC Bethune, CDC Sanctuary, and CDC Glas. “While this is a change from our original plan, we feel the certificate will be equally strong in providing a unique identifier for each of the seed lots,” said Todd Hyra, Business Manager for SeCan in Western Canada. This will be reinforced as follows:

  • All SeCan members agreed to dispose of all previous seed stocks.
  • Through the CSGA, all re-constituted lots can be traced to the original Breeder seed.
  • CSGA will not provide crop certification to any of these four varieties unless they originate from the re-constituted Breeder seed.

This plan also means all four re-constituted varieties will be treated the same way (no name changes were planned for CDC Sanctuary or CDC Glas).

SaskFlax: Re-constituted Flax Seed Update – No Name Change.

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