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SaskFlax: Rebooting the Industry – From a Processor’s Perspective

Snippet from SaskFlax:

Canada’s flax industry continues to work together to eliminate traces of the genetically modified flaxseed Triffid from the flax supply. Processor stakeholders are working closely with their producer clients as well as implementing best management practices at their facilities with the goal of maintaining Canadian flax as a quality product in the global marketplace, including Europe.

For many processors involved in exporting food products, there are numerous steps involved in receiving and preparing flax for shipment to customers. Brian Johnson, CEO of S.S. Johnson Seeds Ltd., and Chair of the Flax Council of Canada’s Value Added Processing Committee stresses the importance of the producer-processor relationship for quality flax products for the marketplace. “As a supplier of flax for human consumption, attention to detail is vital for repeat business,” says Johnson. His company now requests producers provide information on the flax being purchased (what was stored in the bin previously, for example).

SaskFlax: Rebooting the Industry – From a Processor’s Perspective.

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