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Re-constituted flax seed now available

(November 20, 2013) Flax producers now have one final step to flush any traces of Triffid from their farms and the industry, once and for all.

Since 2009, the flax industry has been working diligently through stringent testing and monitoring protocols to remove Triffid, a genetically modified variety, from the flax seed supply in Canada. The next step is the introduction of re-constituted certified flax seed for spring 2014. The objective is to regain markets such as the European Union, which drastically reduced purchases of Canadian flax because European regulations do not allow imports of unapproved genetically modified products.

The University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre, the Flax Council of Canada, Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, Manitoba Flax Growers, Canadian Seed Growers and SeCan have been working together to re-constitute the new Triffid-free flax seed and inform growers of the importance of ‘rebooting’ their industry.

This fall, SeCan seed growers harvested re-constituted seed supplies of four varieties: CDC Bethune, CDC Sorrel, CDC Sanctuary and CDC Glas. CDC Glas is seen as a replacement for CDC Bethune. It offers improved standability and a 105% yield advantage in the black soil zone (103% average of CDC Bethune over all zones). CDC Sanctuary is viewed as a replacement for CDC Bethune in the brown soil zones, averaging 105% of CDC Bethune in the dryer areas of the Prairies.

“We may only get this one chance to start fresh,” said Dave Sefton, director with the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission. “If we get this right, we should be able to put the whole Triffid experience behind us that much faster.”

To find Certified re-constituted flax seed, growers can consult the following lists:

CDC Bethune (PDF)

CDC Glas (PDF)

CDC Sanctuary (PDF)

CDC Sorrel (PDF)

Check SeCan’s website for a complete listing of all SeCan growers:

Producers can find out more about the program at a presentation during the CropSphere conference in Saskatoon on January 15, 2014. Both Todd Hyra of SeCan and William Hill of the Flax Council of Canada will be on hand to answer questions about the program.

Funding for this program was provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program. In Saskatchewan, this program is delivered by the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan.

For more information, contact:

Todd Hyra, Business Manager, Western Canada
Winnipeg, MB
Tel. (204) 489-9126


Linda Braun
Executive Director, SaskFlax
Saskatoon, SK
Tel. (306) 664-1901

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