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*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* Flax Council of Canada Stewardship Program Update

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA (MARCH 23, 2015) – The Farm Stewardship Program was started in 2009 as a means to measure levels of Triffid at the farm. Sampling and testing
of producer stocks both current and farm-saved provided an effective tool in monitoring the progress toward the effort to clear Triffid from the flax production.

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At the same time farmers were asked to shift from using their own stocks for planting to buying certified seed and reconstituted seed products as they came available in 2014 as one of the stages in this process.

We are fast approaching spring and as farmers plan for their new crop we strongly recommend that any flax producers who did not purchase certified seed in 2014 please
plan to do so for 2015. There should be ample supplies available to the grower this year, please check with your seed supplier.

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For Immediate Release – March 23, 2015

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