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Statement of Work for Commodity Merger Working Group

Statement of Work

Agreement to Advise Commodity Merger Working Group



Commodity organizations do very important work in the areas of research, policy and market development ensuring farms are as profitable and sustainable as possible. Since most farmers grow more than one crop and, thus, are represented by multiple associations, a group of like-minded commodity organizations in Manitoba have initiated discussions to determine if a merger can increase efficiencies and deliver more value to their members.

The purpose of this Statement of Work is to detail the tasks and responsibilities of the advisor in relation to the contract with the commodity merger working group. The involved organizations include Manitoba Corn Growers Association (MCGA), Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Association (MPSG), Manitoba Flax Growers Association (MFGA), National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) and the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Association (MWBGA). These five organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work towards merging into one organization in order to increase efficiencies and maximize profitability and sustainability for Manitoba farmers.


Conduct a high level leading practice review to identify potential areas for efficiencies and synergies in common functional areas of the five associations.

  • Recommend a governance structure including the process to elect the board of directors ensuring adequate representation from all crop types and growing regions.
  • Recommend a high level operational structure that will best service the needs of the merged organization. The structure must reflect the priorities of the commodity organizations in the recommended structure.
  • Propose methodology to be adopted by the merged organizations to maintain relationships, financial commitments and funded research with national and sister organizations to address national issues.
  • Recommend a high level implementation plan for the merger, including implementation timelines, transition and key milestones.
  • Investigate the corporate and governmental regulation requirements to merge commodity organizations (e.g., dissolution of corporations, designation regulations, consultation with membership).
  • Provide support on the communication strategy (director speaking notes, news releases, documents, presentation) that will be utilized by the individual organizations.
  • All recommendations must identify operational issues and resourcing requirements for the merged organization.

Note: Throughout the contract, additional areas may be presented and require further investigation to meet the purpose of the Statement of Work.

Anticipated Timelines/Schedule

June 9, 2017: Hiring of advisor
June 15, 2017: Planning meeting to discuss expectations, approach and deliverables
August 4, 2017: Interim report due
November 1, 2017: Final report due
November 15, 2017: Consultation on final report
December 2017: Consultation with memberships


Monthly meetings to report on progress to the working group to ensure deliverables and costs are on schedule.

Language of Work


Resources and Level of Effort

Previous resources will be provided to the advisor to ensure no duplication of previously funded projects. Background information can be sourced from the executive directors and general managers of the five commodity organizations.

Location of Work and Travel

The work will take place at the advisor’s place of business. The advisor must be available to communicate monthly via conference call with the committee to report on progress. The advisor will need to travel to Carman, MB frequently to meet with the working group throughout the duration of the Statement of Work.

Duration of Contract

The initial engagement is expected to cover a period of five months, beginning no later than the week of June 12, 2017.

Project Authority

Sandy Klassen
People First HR Services
Phone: 204.232.8294

Submission Details

Please submit a letter of interest outlining:

  • Activity, methodology, timeline and budget
  • Budget breakdown
  • Biography

Submissions must be received by Friday, June 2, 2017.

Download: Statement of Work for Commodity Merger Working Group

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