Canadian Flax Update

Re-constituted flax seed now available

(November 20, 2013) Flax producers now have one final step to flush any traces of Triffid from their farms and the industry, once and for all.

Since 2009, the flax industry has been working diligently through stringent testing and monitoring protocols to remove Triffid, a genetically modified variety, from the flax seed supply in Canada. The next step is the introduction of re-constituted…

2013 summer Canadian Flax Industry Update

The following is a snippet from the 2013 summer Canadian Flax Industry Update PDF:
The Benefits and Dangers of High Flax Prices
Chuck Penner LeftField Commodity Research

Old market maxims stick around for a reason: they’re tried and tested. One of the most reliable is “the best cure for high prices is high prices” and it could certainly apply to the flax market next year. Spot bids…

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