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*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* Flax Council of Canada Stewardship Program Update

NEWS RELEASE – Flax Council Stewardhip Program Update – 11.21.14 WINNIPEG, MANITOBA (NOVEMBER 21, 2014) – The Flax industry has made considerable progress in the efforts to clear CDC Triffid, a genetically modified flax, from the grain supply once and for…

Re-constituted flax seed now available

(November 20, 2013) Flax producers now have one final step to flush any traces of Triffid from their farms and the industry, once and for all.

Since 2009, the flax industry has been working diligently through stringent testing and monitoring protocols to remove Triffid, a genetically modified variety, from the flax seed supply in Canada. The next step is the introduction of re-constituted…

Start fresh with your flax this year (Flax Council PDF)

Here is a snippet from the PDF
Producers, grain companies, processors and others in the industry have been working diligently over the last four years with stringent testing and monitoring protocols to remove Triffid, a genetically modified variety, from the seed supply in Canada. The next step is to use Triffid-free planting seed this…

Saskflax: Re-constituted flax seed ready to launch this fall

October 3, 2013 – Harvest is now under way and the final steps for the re-constituted seed process will be handed from seed growers to flax producers to flush any traces of Triffid from their farms and the industry – once and for all.

Photo: Todd Hyra spoke to flax growers at the Flax Field Tour in Indian Head this summer.

“I am very proud of the cooperation and communication during…

Gov of Sask: Reboot your flax seed in 2014

The following is a snippet from the PDF article:
Since 2009, the flax industry has been working hard to keep the European Union (EU) market open to Canadian flax. Over the last three years, the amount of Triffid contamination in Canadian flax seed stocks and commercial production has decreased dramatically. Significant and consistent decrease was seen in our pedigreed flax seed, which showed…

Wheat varieties change class as of Aug. 1 – The Western Producer

Snippet from The Western Producer:
Four winter wheat varieties developed at the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre in Saskatoon will soon have their wings clipped.
CDC Kestrel, CDC Harrier, CDC Raptor and CDC Clair will be reclassified from the Canada Western Red Winter (CWRW) wheat class to the Canada Western General Purpose (CWGP) class as of Aug. 1.
The CWGP class…

SaskFlax: Re-constituted Flax Seed Update – No Name Change

Snippet from SaskFlax:

All appears to be on track for launching re-constituted flax seed this fall. However, there is one change to the industry’s original plan.

Due to policies with Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR does not apply on the same product with two different names), the notation “-14” will not be added to the names of CDC Sorrel and CDC Bethune. Re-constituted seed will continue to…

SaskFlax: Rebooting the Industry – From a Processor’s Perspective

Snippet from SaskFlax:

Canada’s flax industry continues to work together to eliminate traces of the genetically modified flaxseed Triffid from the flax supply. Processor stakeholders are working closely with their producer clients as well as implementing best management practices at their facilities with the goal of maintaining Canadian flax as a quality product in the global marketplace,…

CGC changes allow grain firms to test for Triffid – The Western Producer

A snippet from the article via The Western Producer

The grain commission will assure importers the shipment is GM free
Coming changes at the Canadian Grain Commission have led to an amendment of the Triffid testing protocol for flax shipments destined for the European Union.

Rail cars that tested positive for the unapproved genetically modified trait were previously sealed in a bin at…

Flax industry confident seed supplies adequate – The Western Producer

Here is a snippet from The Western Producer:
Concerns are growing about flax seed prices and availability next spring as Canada puts the finishing touches on efforts to rid the country of the genetically modified variety Triffid.

However, Todd Hyra of SeCan said he doesn’t expect problems next year.

“One of my goals is to make sure the market isn’t shorted next spring,” said Hyra,…

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