Triffid Flax

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* Flax Council of Canada Stewardship Program Update

NEWS RELEASE – Flax Council Stewardhip Program Update – 11.21.14 WINNIPEG, MANITOBA (NOVEMBER 21, 2014) – The Flax industry has made considerable progress in the efforts to clear CDC Triffid, a genetically modified flax, from the grain supply once and for…

Flax industry confident seed supplies adequate – The Western Producer

Here is a snippet from The Western Producer:
Concerns are growing about flax seed prices and availability next spring as Canada puts the finishing touches on efforts to rid the country of the genetically modified variety Triffid.

However, Todd Hyra of SeCan said he doesn’t expect problems next year.

“One of my goals is to make sure the market isn’t shorted next spring,” said Hyra,…

Triffid-free seed supplies solid – The Western Producer

Here is a snippet from the Western Producer Article:
A system-wide plan to flush the last traces of genetically modified Triffid out of Canada’s flax pipeline by 2014 are on track, according to flax industry officials.

However, the success of that plan depends largely on farmer co-operation, they said during an online information session late last month.
Triffid-free seed supplies solid -…

Re-Constituted Event-Free Flax Seed

Over the past two years, the flax industry has experienced a significant drop in exports and acreage as a result of weather events and the detection in fall 2009 of the presence of genetically modified (GM) “Triffid” seed in shipments to the EU. The EU is a very GM adverse market and will not allow imports of suc…

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